Surviving in Numbers

Last fall, photographer and rape crisis counselor Ali Safran began reaching out to Massachusetts area colleges with a simple but powerful idea to help survivors of sexual assault share their stories. The project, called Surviving in Numbers, gives survivors a platfrom to anonymously share their stories through the numbers stacked in their stories. This April, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the posters created by survivors are being displayed in the various campuses involved.

ASAP hosted Ali at Tufts for an afternoon two weekends ago, where several survivors shared their own stories. Posters from survivors at Tufts and other colleges are now being displayed at the Campus Center. Check out these photos, and the display itself:

Photos by Ali Safran.

The display will be up until Wednesday, April 17. See more at the Surviving in Numbers website, and read more coverage on Feministing and WBUR.

Kale and Consent

Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault

Wondering what kale has to do with consent? Check out this new video from members of ASAP and the Tufts Consent Culture Network that looks at rape culture and victim-blaming:

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Special thanks to Nate Matthews for spearheading this project, to Stephen Goeman and Bruce Bausk for starring, to Kumar Ramanathan and Leah Muskin-Pierret for behind-the-scenes support, and to Danny Foster for cooking absolutely delicious kale.